The ultimate development and run suite for control systems 

The industry of the future is becoming a reality thanks to the industrial edge.

With IReflex, benefit from both the automation paradigm, and cutting-edge software engineering technologies, in addition to advanced cybersecurity mechanisms from the IT world.

Build reusable & safe control systems on any target.

Run control system programs on cyber compliant edge infrastructures.​

Who is IReflex for ?

Automation engineers / PLC system Integrators

Embedded / IoT / IIoT developers

Manufactured products factories

Industrial machines Builders 

Industrial startups (greenfield)

Edge Computing Solution Integrators

IReflex helps Automation Industry to move to the next level

Use cases​

Find below the IReflex use cases to discover what you can accomplish with our solution, depending on your business and your issues.

PLC system Integrators

The IReflex solution allows you to develop your control system program only once before testing, simulating and compiling it on any target (even Edge controllers). Integrating IReflex into your technical stack will allow you to reduce your production time, be agnostic of PLC manufacturers and achieve a level of software quality similar to the safety-critical embedded software world with no pain.

Industrial startups

You want to build your new factory? The IReflex solution allows you to build a real digital twin of your control system. You will be able to test and simulate your system long before having choosen your hardware. IReflex will reduce significantly your development time.

Edge Computing Solution Integrators

Design and deploy control system programs / data acquisition systems on a fleet of connected and embedded devices. Manage and deploy automatically ultra-secure and certification-compliant hybrid infrastructures (Edge+Cloud).

Manufactured products factories

In the industry 4.0 paradigm, IReflex can be an asset for your company towards data-driven business model. Integrating IReflex into your technical stack will allow you to reduce your production time, be agnostic of PLC manufacturers and achieve a level of software quality similar to the safety-critical embedded software world with no pain.

The solution

Why using IReflex?


  • Development without hardware: Start developing asap without hardware selection pressure.
  • Development without manufacturer constraints: Only one language (Reflex) and software suite for writing, simulating, testing and compiling control system programs on any target (PLC, electronic cards, edge controllers, …).
  • Tests: Implementation of automated tests using the best practices of modern software engineering to reduce manual test issues.
  • Simulation: Possibility to simulate a whole system with no hardware with the digital twin of the system deployed anywhere (on your machine, in the cloud).
  • Reflex: a high-level, open-source, agnostic and modern language with an abstraction of the hardware configuration. Reflex is a language designed to be easy-to-learn by automation engineers.


  • IT / OT Convergence: Interconnect IT and OT thanks to a 100% automated Zero-Trust infrastructure managed by We bring cutting-edge cybersecurity to the industry world (Service Mesh, secrets rotation managed by a vault cluster, …).
  • Execute control systems on the edge: With you can adopt any edge controller and automate the deployment of control system workloads in an ultra-secure way. 
  • Expertise shortage: thanks to, you don’t need to hire cybersecurity experts : choose your certification profile (IEC 62443, SecNumCloud, ISO 27001) and we got you covered.
  • HA virtualized PLCs on the Edge: execute High-Availability control systems on the edge thanks to our advanced clustering technology.

All-inclusive Ultra-ergonomic development studio is the software through which all activities are carried out, from specification of requirements, writing of automated test scenarios, code, to deployment in staging or in production, as well as monitoring of production DCS. includes several modules :

Easy-to-learn language for automation technicians & engineers

Reflex is an easy-to-understand language, designed to facilitate the work of both automation engineers and IT specialists. The basic features allow designing most DCS cases, while the advanced approaches to the language give IT professionals an elegant and powerful approach to designing complex architectures.

Most advanced state of the art in cybersecure architectures

IReflex automates 100% of the deployment of the underlying IT infrastructure, and the orchestration of the control-command system.

The IT infrastructures deployed by IReflex use the most advanced concepts of the Cloud Native industry, including:

  • Zero Trust infrastructure
  • Auto Rotate Secrets Service Mesh, encrypted tunnels for all communications between authorized services
  • Architectures in compliance with the most stringent security certification standards (IEC 62443, SecNumCloud).

Seamless IT/OT Convergence thanks to PLC virtualization

Reactive Microservices
– are High-Performance small units of execution
– Bring the Software-Defined DCS paradigm)
– Allow full HA virtualization of Control System programs
– Can be containerized with Docker
– are orchestrated by an HA execution cluster

Automated deployment of the core IT infrastructure of your DCS anywhere:
– dedicated hardware
– private cloud (VMWare, Openstack, …)
– public cloud (AWS, GCP, OutScale)
– hybrid cloud
– IoT fleet

IReflex secure interactions between IT microservices and microservices reactive microservices .

Comparison chart

PLC Coder
ControlBuildCoDeSysLabviewDeltaV Virtual Studio – Emerson
Suited for model design, test and simulation
Suited for production
Suited for safety-critical systems
Suited for security-critical systems
Development efficiency: write code once (for specification, modelisation, production)
Advanced automated testing features (unit testing, scenarios testing, functional tests …)
Traceability management of requirements, code, tests and all artefacts directly from the studio
Textual language
Grafcet graphical language
Dataflow graphical language
Multi-paradigm and powerful semantics (synchronous, sequential, object oriented, modularity, strong typing model …)
Bijection between Grafcet Graphical language and Textual representation
Bijection between Dataflow Graphical language and Textual representation
Generate & run programs on any PLC
Generate & run programs on any PC
Efficient programs for embedded programs
High Availability & High Performance virtualisation
Reactive Microservices for smooth IT/OT interaction
Deploy your DCS on the edge in one click
Deploy your DCS on any cloud provider in one click (AWS, GCP, Azure, Outscale, …) Not for hard realtime systems
100% Software-Defined DCS
Automated advanced security features (service mesh, secrets rotation, TLS, …) with no expertise in IT required
IEC 62443 automated infrastructure for highly-secure requirements with no effort
Powerful No code & modular SCADA system designed for reusability and development efficiency
Automated Monitoring & observability environment deployment
High Performance Realtime database
Connectors for Modbus, OPC, GPIO ports, ZWave, REST APIs, …

About us

IReflex is the perfect mix of two experts know-how : industrial automation (OT) led by Jean (30 years of experience) and IT world led by Christophe (25 years of experience).

The duo has the crazy ambition to transpose all the innovation, proven practices and methods from the IT world to the OT world (which is more than 30 years behind IT). Welcome to industrial edge.

France Cyber Security (component of IReflex software suite) received the France Cyber Security label in 2021 and 2022 awarded by the ACN (Alliance pour la Confiance Numérique). The “France Cybersecurity” Label certifies users that the labelled products and services are French and secure.



i-Nov / France 2030 :

IReflex software suite got rewarded the i-Nov 2022 prize in the “breakthrough innovation” category (innovation competition organized by the French state France 2030). France 2030 aims to enable France to find the way of its environmental, industrial, technological, health and cultural independence and to take a step ahead in these strategic sectors. It aims to develop industrial competitiveness and future technologies.

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